Restrictions for Onion-Service Users

We are working hard to provide the same access to all users, independent of where they come from. This relationship is trust-based and sometimes trust is abused and exploited. We understand that some users are more demanding than others.

That said, after several episodes of non-trivial attacks targeting our onion-services via the Tor network we're unfortunately forced to restrict some pages. This limits the possible attack vectors that can lead to widespread downtimes for all of our users.

Why are Tor users specifically affected by this?

In the past we issued rate-limits to specific IPs attacking or maliciously crawling the PsychonautWiki, causing excessive load on the servers and therefore affecting other users.

The Tor network does not reveal the origins of requests, nor allows for per-connection throttling. That's a great thing, but makes it impossible to shut down singular malicious actors.

What kind of restrictions are applied to Tor users?

We are not and will never block any articles. We are blocking sites from being loaded via Tor that are not usually used by average users and cause significant load on our servers, including history logs, index pages (via APIs), file lists, category lists and other pages, like property lists.

If you are affected by these changes and have significant reason to use these resources that are not covered by our API, please contact me via Telegram.

Please note that this only affects our onion-services specifically. You can still fully access our main site via the Tor browser.

Our onion-services are:

Our I2P service is: psy.i2p.

You can find a pgp-signed statement here:

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