SARS-CoV-2: drug use safety considerations

The PsychonautWiki and Global Drug Survey recommend reducing substance use or heavy clubbing due to their effects on the immune system, leading to an increased vulnerability of infection.

Individuals planning on visiting a club or using substances:

  • avoid sharing joints, pipes, straws, etc.,
  • avoid sharing and passing stash bags,
  • avoid touching the face or eyes with the hands when smoking / snorting,
  • wash preparation surfaces or wipe them with alcohol,
  • avoid parties, clubs, big sessions or crowds of people when feeling unwell or having a cough or fever.

These precautions are mandatory to ensure the safety and health of everyone engaging in nightlife during this crisis.

The scottish organization Crew 2000 published an elaborate article on this topic including information for sex workers and different RoAs. (They also created an infographic on this topic.)

The US National Institute on Drug Abuse published guidance for individuals with drug use disorders.

Adam Winstock / Global Drug Survey
Kenan Sulayman / PsychonautWiki

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